Getting it Bought


Selling your program to your boss
Newman’s Checklist for Getting it Bought

1. Every program, every project, every budget line item should be “sponsored” by some line manger or other staff-department.
If one of them can’t relate your project to their goals, why do it?

2. Be in the same business that the boss is in. Speak “Digital.”
See your objectives in the eyes of your bosses’ objectives – Keep It Simple Stupid.

3. Be specific about what each project is attempting to accomplish.
What behaviors are you trying to elicit or reinforce? How will this help your boss reach his or her objectives?

4. Speak your bosses language. This language is called Money!
Be able to read and understand the three key financial statements – the profit statement, the balance sheet and the Flow of Funds.

5. Understand the “Make or break” factors in your industry, your company, your bosses job and your job.
Show how your projects will make a difference on these “make or break” factors. Focus on these factors and let the less important stuff go.

6. How will you know that you’re successful?
Get clear evaluations standards from the boss before even beginning the program.

7. Don’t play A-Team. Always have a plan B!
Be ready to have to blow the whistle on yourself, and be ready to switch to an agreed upon plan B.

8. Say “No” or postpone projects that have a less than 50% chance of success!
Why would you even think of planning for failure.

9. Know your boss.
Bottom line benefits first, or “take it from the begging.”
“Overview only” or “Give me all the gory details.”
Simply know what your boss wants to hear and don’t waste his time.

10. Treat your ideas like gold.
Don’t send your ideas by email or blackberry, please. Mount a proper presentation.

11. Know the players on the pitch.
Who is your boss going to double check your idea with, and double check it with them first. This makes them a willing participant.

12. Plan out every second.
Define the purpose of your presentation. What do you need, what would you like, what is the sell and what are the possible resistances?

13. Take a moment for body language. Yours, your bosses and anyone else in the room.
Does your plan fit the culture in which you work?

14. Don’t look for a cup of cocoa and a pat on the back from the boss.
You are there to do a piece of work, not to be loved.
Respected? Yes.
Affection? Irrelevant.

15. You only need to win 50.1% of the time.
Hell, that is better than most games. This is not an S.A.T. or A-Levels. You really don’t need a perfect score.

16. Would you spend your own money on this?


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