Adidas is on the right track with their app, but they can still do so much better


In 2003, adidas had a brilliant website for aspiring athletes. It included information regarding almost every possible type of sport training that you could think of. However, by 2010 this website seems to have been replaced by the more general popular flash site that fails to focus on specific sports. Sadly, this site had been exceptionally helpful for me, and many of my friends.

As the adidas miCoach competes against the Nike+GPS for app popularity of what is clearly becoming a cannibalized market place for runners. It would appear that while both are competing that neither are actually looking to create better athletes. Nike+GPS has just recently released its version of a intelligent GPS tracking version of the popular Nike+ edition, which comes standard on the iPod Nano. While this program is fine for your weekend warriors and general runners, but it does little for actual athletes who only use running as additional exercise to other sports.

Adidas’ miCoach appears to be on the right track by adding functions that help trainers.

Why not look to train people to be athletes and help with a larger variety in sports training?

The miCoach does provide the option for training for tennis, basketball running and football (I am assuming American). Nick Cragg was quoted on siliconrepublic saying, “The introduction of the miCoach app and sports-specific training plans was the natural next step to bring the miCoach facility to an even wider audience.” However, I believe that they are still selling the true abilities of the miCoach very short for actual athletes.

While adidas appears to be on the right track, I think that the first one to crack the market into more athletic endurance measuring will be the one who will be victorious in the rush to control the sports app market. Until that time, I would suggest that real aspiring athletes stay with the old school style of training… listen to your coach!


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